Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why did we become vegan? Husband Says:

Husband: I was vegan last.  I still ate meat up until I met the Wife.  I was always health conscious, and very aware of the how agricultural industrial complex in all its splender (sarcasm alert) functioned.  I have seen all the internet documentaries on how horrible animals (that are cultivated to become human feed) are treated up to their deaths.  I always thought that they (the slaughterhouses of the world and the like) could not all be bad, unethical, unsanitary, immoral, etc.

My choice to become vegan was more health related than it was ethical or moral but inc.  Still, I feel as though the change that has occurred in me mentally as well as physically has been remarkably positive.  Now I have always been thin.  Eliminating meat and dairy from my diet has resulted in losing weight, but I am at a very healthy weight for my height.  I look great (in my humble opinion;) and feel even better.  I have tons of energy and I get plenty of sleep.  I have no protein deficiency and won't even take Advil to cure my headaches--which I get once or twice a year at the most.  Wife was vegan before I met her, so I followed suit.  It happened rather naturally.
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