Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Trip To Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine's Lunch Spot: On The Fly

Wife and I sat down for lunch this week at Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine.  This is a vegan restaurant in Columbus, Ohio that we are quite fond of.  Neo-V stands for new vegetarian but it is a vegan restaurant.  Directly next door they have On The Fly which they describe as vegan street food.

The space that is On The Fly is very unassuming, very simple.  I like this idea because I tend to assume that if there is a lot of glitz and glamor on the interior you are simply distracting me from what's going on my plate and more importantly what will end up in my stomach--.  You won't find thousands of dollars worth of chandeliers or severs who use Montblanc pens.  It's quite the opposite: recycled seats, no servers at all and wooden hand me downs for wine racks.  There is a baroque ceiling pattern above, original hard wood floors below and not much else in between.  Making food the focus.  Good choice.  You can hear the Blendtec vs Vitamix war going on in the kitchen.

Wife ordered the soft corn tacos.  I ordered the griddle cake.  We got truffled guacamole for an appetizer.  Everything we ate was delicious.  Everything was vegan.  The truffled guacamole came with shredded carrots and a side of baby greens with some type of balsamic dressing.  The soft tacos came with vegan chili, a cashew butter vegan cheese, baby greens & hot sauce.  My griddle cake was burger-like & served on a bun with a sweet thousand island sauce.  I washed it down with a birch beer; wife had a tea.

What I really enjoyed about this trip outside the food and the company was that On The Fly is just your average run of the mill space not situated on a major road.  It is somewhat of a destination spot, especially for us, but it isn't pretentious feeling or overpriced.  My griddle cake was $6.95, the tacos were $5.95.  We did get a sugar cookie also.  It was okay.

The chef of both Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine and On The Fly, Magdiale Wolmark, was diligently taking inventory as we ate.  He gets most of his ingredients from their in house garden...I remember the first night we ate at Dragonfly we enjoyed the largest most delicious asparagus we have ever eaten and they came right from out back of the restaurant.  Wolmark is in the process of creating a vegan cookbook entitled the 'Seed To Table Cookbook".  This vegan cookbook will demonstrate how to grow your own ingredients and prepare them in creative recipes.  Just the type of book we like to review. 

There were two other couples eating around us and enjoying what was a very hot afternoon.  The sound of construction had escaped the area and the birds were hard at work.  Their general manager was there briefly as we arrived but left to tend to who we thought might be her daughter's needs.

They do change their menu based on the seasons of course so there is always something new coming up.  That is the beauty of eating locally--you eat based upon the growing season.  You need not be vegan to enjoy these foods either.

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